Diversity in Retirement
life stories of men and women
dilemma of mandatory retirement
The life stories of men and women on these pages explore
the subject of retirement from diverse perspectives:
        . expectations or experience of retirement
       . views on voluntary and mandatory retirement 
        . alternative work-lives ...retirement possibilities
   . on being single
. women growing older    
                           Photos by Sue McPherson unless otherwise noted.

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    The interviews and the write-up of the life stories are done at no cost to the participants.
life stories: alternative work-lives
being single
life story themes
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women growing older
Articles by Sue McPherson   

2005  Exploring People's Lives   (short - 1000 words)

2005  Beyond Workaday Worlds: Aging,
         Identity,and the Life Cycle    5000 words.      

2005  Ageing, Identity, and the Dilemma of Mandatory Retirement:
         Three Men, Three Stories     3300 words, plus images.     

2005  Aging (Ageing) and Retirement: life stories on the internet     2500 words

2004  Narratives and Wisdom: the lives of women growing older  6300 words. 

2003  Menopause and Aging Femininity  6000 words, plus photos.        
“Sue McPherson told my story in a very insightful manner, hitting the high points expertly and keeping the minutiae in comfortable bounds. . . I felt she had done a much better job in summarizing my professional life than I could have done myself” –  Ron Bodkin, Ottawa, Ontario. January, 2008.