The Dilemma of Mandatory Retirement
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                 Ronald G. Bodkin  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
“ . . . it’s basically an infringement of human rights . . .”
                                  Carol Green Toronto, Ontario, Canada
“ . . .  If they're not capable of doing the job that's a different thing.”

                                      David Winslow Webster, NH, United States
“Mandatory retirement is like deliberately removing the star players . . . ”
                                         Hillel H. Ticktin  Glasgow, Scotland
" . . it is a real loss to the institution as well as for the lecturers involved.”"
         Josephine Foster  Colchester, England
“Can people afford to retire . . .  ”
                                          Sally Whelton Colchester, England
“I think self-employed people are lucky, because it is slightly more up to you.”
                                         Sheila Williams  London, England
"This idea that we had in the sixties required a transformation in society."
These life stories of men and women follow from interviews about
their lives and include their expectations and experiences of
retirement. From different perspectives, in each life story, are the
individual's views on voluntary and/or mandatory retirement.

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                                John L. McPherson Hong Kong
“If it is felt that a satisfactory position has been attained and no attempt at growth or improvement is required, there is danger of retrogression.”
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                                          John H. Munro Toronto, Ontario, Canada
. . . one cannot condone the use of a tool that is a blatant form of age-discrimination in order to combat ... another form of discrimination."
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