Women Growing Older
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Sylvia Appleton

Hazel McArthur

Firoz Mookerjee
life stories of women, constructed following interviews, told as they look back on their lives

Essays by Sue McPherson

Women's Life Stories: transcending barriers of continuity through the development of alternative discourses of ageing and identity. Presented at Discourses of Difference Seminar, Institute of Education, London. 2005.    3400 words.  52 kb.

Narratives and Wisdom: the lives of women growing older. In W. L. Randall, D. Furlong, & T. Poitras (Eds.), Narrative Matters 2004 Conference Proceedings (pp. 774-787). Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada: Narrative Matters Conference Planning Committee.  2004. 6400 words. 75 kb.

Menopause and Ageing Femininity Presented at the conference, Menstruation: Blood, Body, Brand. University of Liverpool, UK.  2003.  6000 words. 472 kb.

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The life stories on the pages of this web site may be used for personal research.      
Please contact Sue McPherson for permission before using.
The interviews and the write-up of the life stories are done at no cost to the participants.

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